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Information | Your Best Source for 24k Gold Roses, Platinum Roses & Birth Color Roses by Living Gold
by Living Gold
Give a flower that lasts forever ...
Red Rose (January)
This 12" Birth Color
Rose is preserved in
lacquer and trimmed in
24K gold. It comes in a
beautiful red box and is
the perfect way to show
your everlasting love for
your significant other!
w/ vase
Featured Living Gold Rose
Best-Selling Gold &
Platinum Roses
Mother's Day Gold-Dipped Roses
Red 24k Gold Rose by Living Gold
Red 24k Gold Rose in Vase by Living Gold
Red 24k Gold Rose by Living Gold
Pink 24k Gold Rose by Living Gold
Pearl White 24k Gold Rose by Living Gold
24k Gold Champagne Rose by Living Gold
2-Tone Bright Red 24k Gold Rose by Living Gold
Platinum Venus Rose by Living Gold
24k Gold Rose by Living Gold
Long-Stem 24k Gold Rose by Living Gold
"Juliet" Gold
Rose (17")
Pink 24k Gold Rose by Living Gold
Pink Rose
trimmed in
24K Gold
$69.99 rose only
$79.99 w/ vase
"Diana" Gold Rose (12")
Dark Blue Platinum Rose by Living Gold
2-Tone Purple Platinum Rose by Living Gold

Real Roses, Leaves & More Plated in 24k Gold & Platinum

We specialize in 24k Gold Roses, Color Roses trimmed in 24k gold, and platinum roses. We also offer the
Birth Color Roses trimmed in platinum exclusively from Living Gold. Check back periodically for new products
in 2013.

Are they real?

The stems, leaves, and petals of our roses are all guaranteed to be real by Living Gold Co., the leading
manufacturer of quality gold roses. Each rose is unique just like in nature. In most cases, you can even see
the veins in the petals and leaves, proving that they're in fact real.

How's the quality of the roses?

Living Gold roses are considered the best gold roses in the market today. The all-gold and all-platinum roses
are heavy and durable, and they can withstand everyday handling. The color roses are lighter and more
fragile since they're only partially dipped in metal, but they still don't break easily unless there's heavy force.
(We recommend handling one as you would a wine glass.) The plating on the roses is smooth and even, and
they all undergo a thorough quality check.

Warning: When buying gold and platinum roses, be sure to research the quality of the manufacturer before
purchasing. There have been reports of new roses from other sources that have: stems made of plastic,
black/green liquid bleeding out of the rose, gold that looks "painted on" instead of plated, and other defects.
Living Gold roses have a high standard of quality and do not have those issues.

How are the roses made?

The flowers are carefully selected, sized and formed while they are still fresh and at the peak of their beauty.
They are then electroplated with our secret formula and technique, known to very few people in the world.

They are re-formed and repaired again and again until they are ready for their 24k gold or platinum finish.
Each piece is done by hand, and it takes 3-6 months and more than 50 steps to complete.

When the flowers are finished, they are ready to be kept for your lifetime enjoyment. Each rose is real,
unique and lasts forever.

Feel free to contact us at with any other questions.
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